About Impact

Impact investing creates healthy return for people and our planet

At Rubio impact Ventures we’re creating step change, improving the lives of people and the lifespan of our planet as we know it. In short, we dare to care.



What constitutes “impact”?

Impact is a change in an important positive or negative outcome for people or the planet. When assessing the impact your business has – and your suitability as a potential investment partner – we have developed the following impact framework:

Measuring impact

Quantifying impact is not only possible, it’s essential. We reliably measure the impact targets of entrepreneurs and quantify the results at fund level, linking to performance, and fee structures.

Theory of change

With Impact investing, knowing the ‘why’ propels positive change. We embed the Company’s Theory of Change and social mission in corporate documents and impact objectives in the business plan, aligning all stakeholders.

Impact methodology

Let’s start with the fundamental; the Theory of Change

Which pressing societal issue do you aim to address? Which SDG(s) is this issue linking to

Which effects do you want to achieve? Do these effects follow (directly) from your solution?

Who benefits from your solution and how important is this for the people (or planet) experiencing it?

How much
How big are the effects in size and significance? What are the 1–3 measurable KPIs? Can they be linked to SDGs?

What would have happened regardless of your solution?

Systemic impact
Does your company aim to change the system on a macro level?

But we won’t forget the building blocks of sustainable impact

Do your company’s effects scale with financial growth, i.e. are impact and business model aligned?

Are you integrating The UN Global Principles in your everyday operations?

Is your organisation always looking to learn and to become better at achieving the impact mission?

As your impact partner in crime, we support you in every way

Together we set 1-3 impact performance indicators to monitor and track your impact, linked to your business forecast and applicable SDGs

Our advisory board & independent investor council will provide expertise and external validation of the impact indicators

Impact anchored in the governance of both our fund & your company (Articles of Association)

We align incentives for impact & business; carried interest Rubio team linkedin to both finance and impact results

Together we go on a mission for radical positive change

We challenge you in yearly impact sessions to bring impact management within your organisation to the next level.

We systemically evaluate the impact & business progress at both fund and company level

Want to learn more about the impact of companies we invest in?

Go on an interactive journey through the collective impact highlights of our Rubio portfolio in 2021. 

Download our yearly impact reports below: