Working together to build a brighter future

With varied backgrounds as (social) entrepreneurs and investors, we’re hands-on investment partners with self-proclaimed (but proven) super-powers. We’ll give you the tools and resources to become #championsofchange.


While our backgrounds are varied, we’re driven by the same vision and DNA: to create positive social impact through business, and accelerating the impact investment industry by being true, eager and bright.


Machtelt Groothuis

Partner, Co-founder, Chair Investment Committee

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Impact & Advisory board

Members independent impact board *

Frits van der Have*

Serial VC, social impact invester and serial entrepreneur

Heleen Dura-van Oord

Social investor, entrepeneur and business professional

Leendert van Driel*

Chairman, Social investor, entrepeneur and business professional

Dr. Lisa Hehenberger*

Professor, Expert advisor on social impact