A winning combination of capital, expertise and networks

We love teaming up with entrepreneurs who unite real positive impact with a scalable commercial business. We support you in building key success factors you need to maximise both. Together, we’ll shape a genuine partnership to make your world-changing mission a success.

We invest in three thematic areas

We invest in companies that:

  • Generate a clear positive and systemic impact on people and/or planet

  • Show a commercially scalable business model where revenues, impact and value are aligned

  • Are home to an excellent team with relentless drive to grow the business and its impact

  • Have a stage-appropriate track record

  • Demonstrate a strong link with Europe.

We don’t invest in companies that:

  • Are at an ideation or distressed stage

  • Generate an indirect impact (e.g., incubators, ESG/transparency tools, financing platforms, consultants)

  • Rely largely on government revenues

The four steps to a Rubio investment

An investment partnership is one of the most long-lasting meaningful ones in business. That’s why we take time to get to know you. If we think we are a ‘match’ and want to explore a partnership we’ll get back to you in a couple of weeks to take the following steps:


Let’s talk about your plan
If we see a good fit between you and us, we’ll review your business plan and invite you for a coffee to go through the details.


Let’s make a deal
If we’re as excited about your business as you are, we’ll send you a term sheet for an investment.


Let’s dive deeper
If everyone’s happy, we’ll get the ball rolling on due diligence, getting to know your business better.


Let’s partner and rock!
If there are no unexpected surprises, we’ll finalise the necessary legal documents and deploy the funds. Time to celebrate the start of our journey as partners!

Where your vision meets our growth capital

Rubio is always on the lookout for other champions of change, and we have the (Seed and Series A) capital, in-depth expertise and vast international network to help you grow.

Take a look at our investment criteria: if you think we’d make a great match, we’d love you to fill in our questionnaire – or maybe you even know someone who can introduce us? We’d love to get a better understanding of you and your company. If we feel a spark, we’ll be in touch!