May 17, 2018

We welcome GoodFuels to the Social IV Portfolio

We are investing in a radical reduction of heavy transport emissions: We welcome GoodFuels to the Social IV Portfolio.
Heavy transport is a highly polluting industry, emitting vast quantities of CO2 and sulphur. The emissions of shipping and heavy rail & road transport are set to rise over the next decades, and there are very few options available to make it more sustainable. Electrification and hydrogen fuel are too far away for shipping, and the high capital expenditures mean that the current vessels will likely be around for the next 30 years. We see heavy transport emissions as a large and pervasive threat to the sustainability of our planet. And we want to invest in solutions that are actionable today.

We are very proud to be investing in GoodFuels as part of the answer to this threat. The world needs something that will work for the current fleet, and advanced sustainable biofuels are the best option to provide low-carbon transport fuels and drastically reduce emissions. GoodFuels develops, sources and sells truly sustainable biofuels that can achieve 75-100% reductions in CO2 emissions and eliminate sulphur emissions. These are drop-in fuels with no engine or infrastructure modifications required, which means instantly scalable, more so than other emission reduction methods.

GoodFuels’ provides biofuels that are made from the most sustainable feedstock sources and do not compete with food production nor stimulate deforestation, and which are supervised and approved by an independent sustainability board. In parallel GoodFuels promotes a push for sustainable shipping through its GoodShipping program. This branded program enables companies to replace their shipper’s fossil fuels for their transport with advanced biofuels, and has customers such as DHL, Heineken and Tony’s Chocolonely.

At GoodFuels we find an ambitious and impact-driven team, perfectly positioned to accelerate the transition to clean, low carbon and truly sustainable fuels. We are very excited to partner with them on this journey. You can find out more about GoodFuels here