A game changer for the heavy shipping and transport industry

As we become better connected and the planet gets ‘smaller’ – demand for global goods, and their transport (not to mention the resulting carbon footprint) gets bigger. Enter GoodFuels, with a game changer for the heavy shipping and transport industry: biofuels made from plants, not the crudest of crude oil. These wonder fuels deliver a 75-100% reduction in CO2.

The best part: it’s smooth sailing – no engine or infrastructure modification is needed to ships and trucks and trains can run the fuel, too. It’s a win for the environment as well as all transport companies, who can finally clean up their dirty reputation.

Biofuels made from plants

Corporates can get on board, too – the GoodShipping program enables companies to replace the fossil fuels used by their freight companies with advanced clean biofuels.

The growth capital investment of Social Impact Ventures has supported the company in achieving growth (they became profitable in 2019) and in onboarding major clients and creating the first Goodshipping bio fuel delivery the company, with the measurable goals of reducing emissions, sustainable sourcing and increasing new clients.

Responsible exit Jan 2020

In 2020 GoodFuels became part of the FinCo Fuel Group, a fuel distribution company with an ambition to become the leading sustainable fuel distributor in The Netherlands. In FinCo we found the right partner with strong and strategic infrastructure assets  to take Goodfuels and its impact to the next level of growth.  Founder and CEO, Dirk Kronemeijer, will stay on as shareholder and CEO of the company, and Finco has committed to continue reporting on Goodfuels impact targets on an annual basis , so that we can track whether this merger will indeed accelerate the projected impact of Goodfuels.

– Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO, GoodFuels, added: “This is an exciting and positive next step in GoodFuels’ journey to advance the use of sustainable advanced biofuels across heavy duty transportation. We are extremely proud of the progress we have made to date, working closely with our partners and customers. In FinCo Fuel Group we find a partner who will support us in maintaining and growing our position in this vital market and who understands and respects our impact driven sustainable DNA. The need for positive, progressive and proven sustainability solutions has never been greater across these sectors, which must now strive for full decarbonisation. Together with FinCo, we can fulfil our joint mission and realise a cleaner, greener transportation sector.”

Impact Theme

  • Circular Solutions

SDG Alignment

  • #7 Affordable clean energy