Accelerate the transition to solar energy

While some startups are making sexy products and love to be in the spotlights, others are working hard on techniques of which we will probably see very little. One of those is Taylor Technologies which is working hard to make solar panels and cells more efficient and reliable.

The elegance of microelectronics
Taylor is a spin-off of the University of Technology Eindhoven, which develops and supplies micro-electronics for the solar panel industry. These micro-electronics are integrated into the solar panel by the manufacturer leading to less hassle for the end-user. When it comes to the yield there can be a big difference between solar panels, and even between the cells in those panels. Current technologies optimize this at a solar panel level with power optimizers that are installed on your rooftop. Taylor’s cell-level optimization is the next generation of solar panel efficiency. Their technology increases the yield of solar panels significantly which leads to lower cost price of solar power and more solar power per m2; both quintessential to speed up the energy transition.

Extra benefits
But there is more. Taylor also makes sure that cabling becomes easier leading to a quicker installation with lower costs. And thanks to their cell-level technology, Taylor is able to provide detailed diagnostics, making it easier to locate defects and perform maintenance. The time it takes to go up the roof to repair the solar panels is very expensive, but thanks to Taylor the technician sees directly which panel should be replaced when something is broken.

The elegance of microelectronics

Tackle the challenge in microelectronics
At Rubio we believe that Taylor can accelerate the transition to solar energy as their technology decreases the cost per kwh of solar energy and increases the production per m2. The combination of this breakthrough technology, a sound business model and worldclass team, ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy. Our investment will enable the Taylor team to continue to develop their technology and help more organizations all over the world to tackle the challenge in microelectronics. If you’d like to find out more about how Taylor accelerates the transition to solar energy, check out their website.

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