SkinVision offers users instant insights in potential melanoma

SkinVision is on a mission to save 250,000 lives in the next decade. The company has developed artificial intelligence that enables a smartphone to make a highly accurate and specific analysis of a potential melanoma, so that people can decide at any time what steps to take to stay safe and healthy. 

The technology analyzes your photo and gives you an instant risk assessment and advice on what you should do next, so that you can see a doctor in time if needed.
The app is offered through insurance companies, employers (organizations) and directly to the consumer market. The company was founded in 2011 and has a solid history of technology development by a team of highly regarded dermatologists and machine learning engineers, and has over 1.2 million users worldwide, with more than 3.5 million photos taken and over 40,000 skin cancers found.

Scaling Internationally

At Rubio, we are super excited about this investment: we firmly believe technology is a strategic compliment to doctors to provide better healthcare, lower costs to the system and empower millions consumers worldwide to live healthy lifestyles: SkinVision is such an example. Erik and his team are on track to be the international leader in AI-enabled dermatological solutions and we are thrilled to be part of the adventure.

Research proves that SkinVision’s CE marked, clinically validated algorithm can detect 95% of skin cancer. The sensitivity of general practitioners ranges from 61% and 66%, while the sensitivity of dermatologists is between 75% and 92%. As 1 out of 5 people will develop skin cancer and early detection is key to survival, the technology forms a strategic compliment to doctors to detect skin cancer as soon as possible.  It prevents unnecessary late treatment, empowers patients and leads to a more efficient health care system.

Erik de Heus, CEO: “What we know is that skin cancer is the most common cancer in Western countries. And the amount of patients is rapidly growing. We embrace the idea that technology can take away the barriers that stand in the way of early detection of skin cancer, and get you to a doctor at the right time. As we welcome Social Impact Ventures and Jaap Maljers to our shareholder base, we’ve found the right partners to help us grow the company on the eve of further internationalization”

Try SkinVision and download the app or find more info on SkinVision.

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