Our new hero in a high steaks game!

Meet NOVAMEAT: a fascinating Spanish start-up that has developed a patented technology platform to texturize plant-based proteins into ‘whole cut’ products, such as steak, pork chops and chicken breasts. Their delicious meat alternatives not only offer consumers healthy vegan options, they also decrease the negative impact of animal-based whole cuts on the environment – something that, up until now, was missing from the world of plant-based meat alternatives. 

The effect of our meat consumption on the environment is nothing short of catastrophic. Consumption of beef alone is responsible for a staggering 8% of GHG emissions. The industrialized rearing of animals for slaughter negatively impacts animal welfare and results in the increased use of antibiotics, intensified land use and continued soil and water contamination. Rubio strongly supports a consumption shift towards less meat and more plant-based alternatives. That being said, meat consumption is still steadily on the rise, so it is vital that we also tackle the harmful effects of livestock farming today, by providing credible alternatives in all meat categories. 

The future of alternative meat

At Rubio, we believe that the future of alternative meat will not be black or white (i.e. with or without animal cells) but rather a variety of plant-, mycelium- and cell-based and even hybrid options. By developing and producing plant-based alternatives for whole cuts of meat, NOVAMEAT will be able to offer a viable alternative that allows carnivores and flexitarians to rely on plants for a much larger part of their protein intake. By unlocking more and better food options to address consumer demand, NOVAMEAT will help accelerate the transition to a more sustainable global food system while tackling climate and animal cruelty issues.

Commercializing their technologies

Established in 2018, NOVAMEAT is the brainchild of founder and CEO Giuseppe Scionti, who has been working as a researcher and assistant professor in the field of tissue engineering for more than a decade. After years of material development, Scionti patented a production procedure that can convert ingredients such as rice, peas and seaweed protein into a credible meat replacer. The trick lies in the texturization of the protein, which is quintessential for the mouthfeel for a good culinary experience (as important as flavor and appearance!). 

NOVAMEAT collaborates closely with Michelin-starred chefs (El Bulli trained) to combine textures and flavors to create several types of meat replacements. Our investment will help refine and scale up NOVAMEAT’s technology, enabling them to sell their products B2B to FMCG companies, and potentially also B2C to foodservice and retail.

The missing piece in the meat replacement category 

We believe that NOVAMEAT is the missing piece in the meat replacement category. They have the skills, technology and vision to develop the new hero of the center of the plate. With their cutting-edge technological solutions, NOVAMEAT will help feed the planet’s growing population with plant-based foods, tackle the challenges of today’s unsustainable and inefficient animal agriculture industry and ultimately create a healthy, efficient, humane and sustainable food supply system. If you’d like to find out more, check out their website

We aim to contribute to protecting our planet, animal welfare, and our health. Whilst we need to reduce our meat consumption, we find it very hard to let go of our beloved steak, chop or fillet. This category is currently underserved, lacking credible alternatives. We owe it to future generations to create more sustainable and healthier plant-based meat options to fuel this transition.

Giuseppe Scionti, founder of NOVAMEAT

Impact Theme

  • Circular Solutions

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