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Unlike fossil fuels, an EV driving on ‘half a tank’ is not lighter than one on a full tank. Every KWh of battery potential needs to be lugged along. As such, ‘more batteries’ becomes less and less cost-effective for increasing the range of an electric vehicle. Add in the fact that batteries are less energy dense and more expensive than your traditional gas tank, and it’s clear why small and low-end EV’s often have terrible range, and why electric flight and heavy-duty trucks are so hard to make work. 

To power the shift to electric driving, the world needs better batteries. The Dutch, innovative deep-tech company E-magy is on a mission to speed up the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy. They invented a high-energy solution for next-generation batteries, supplying nano-porous silicon to automotive and battery manufacturers worldwide. 

E-magy created a new kind of silicon material with a nanoscale porous structure, which prevents batteries from swelling and breaking completely by containing the swelling within the nanopores. This revolutionary silicon-dominant anode material delivers 40% higher energy density and enables faster charging than existing graphite solutions.

The impact of E-Magy’s patented production process is twofold: the emissions in producing the material are roughly six times lower than graphite and the weight reduction when applied in for instance electric vehicles, also reduces energy usage per km driven. On a total life-cycle-analysis-basis, E-Magy’s product is simply superior.

Scaling up

The team of advanced materials specialists has been working on the technology since roughly 2005 and runs a pilot plant in The Netherlands. In their production facility, they use a proprietary process with standard industrial post-processing to manufacture nano-porous silicon. They are currently scaling up to realise a fully commercial production line in 2023, for 300 tons (2.5 GWh battery storage capacity) per year.

Pushing battery innovation forward

Partnering with renowned organisations like the Advanced Battery Technologies team at ZSW, the Battery Research Group at Delft University of Technology, BEPA (Batteries European Partnership Association), TEESMAT (European Battery Material Platform), EBA 250 (European Battery Alliance) and the European Research Initiative Battery2030+, the E-magy team are rapidly advancing, pushing battery innovation forward. Electron by electron, they are switching the EV industry on with their specialty silicon. 

As an investor we are also partnering up. Together with a dedicated ‘battery’ corporate investment fundNorsk Hydro and co-investors Invest-NLShift Invest and PDENH we are dedicated to helping the E-magy team grow and meet the growing demand from battery manufacturers and automotive OEMs for high-energy batteries.Want to find out more about how E-magy is speeding up the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy? Check out their website.

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