October 31, 2023

Say Hi to Charlie

G’day! Meet Charlie Macdonald, an Australian born VC that is joining Rubio as an Investment Manager in the climate team. 🌏

Charlie realized from entrepreneurial experiences during his Arts degree and an MBA that the startup ecosystem was having all the fun (while solving big hairy problems). Having grown up between the city and country in Australia, he is particularly driven by preserving natural ecosystems and the optimism behind climate tech. He recently moved to Europe because he sees the most exciting innovation in energy, agrifood, and circularity happening here. 

Before Rubio, Charlie helped to launch Australia’s first impact venture capital fund, Giant Leap, coached future founders at Startmate, supported biodiversity projects on his family farm, and started his European journey at World Fund, one of Germany’s largest climate tech funds. Outside of work, he loves woodworking, things that grow, and dreams of the perfect plant-based pork.

With a track record of over 30 investments into startups driving environmental and social benefit, it goes without saying that we are hugely excited to have Charlie join our family ❤️ Welcome Charlie, we can’t wait to rock the world of impact investing together! 🚀💥