October 5, 2023

This may well become the catalyst for change

The gap between rich and poor poses a threat to both the planet and society, resulting in a clash between democracy and capitalism. Our co-founder Willemijn Verloop sees a growing resistance to both systems and change in values. In her first monthly column for De Ondernemer, Willemijn points to the approaching Impact Tipping Point, and argues for a new economic form.

She sees the Impact Tipping Point not as an end point, but as a catalyst for further change. A phase in which we say goodbye to destructive capitalism and move towards a system of refuse, reduce, repair, re-use, recycle and above all: reconnect.

In the following months Willemijn will take the 1 million visitors of this entrepreneurial media platform on an impact quest. 💚

You can read the (Dutch) column here: https://lnkd.in/epwTZw-j