August 31, 2023

Rubio’s People Power Pitch – Meet the finalists

In June 2023 we launched the first edition of Rubio’s People Power Pitch. An opportunity for early-stage impact driven entrepreneurs in The Netherlands to partner with team Rubio and boost their mission with €100.000. We specifically want to support startups that focus on equal education; equal employment opportunities; sustainable livelihoods or improving health and wellbeing.

Fast forward to August 2023, we were overwhelmed with the talented and driven entrepreneurs who responded and we are excited to announce the final five start-ups of Rubio’s People Power Pitch!

These entrepreneurs will be presenting their company in front of an expert panel and live audience at Rubio’s What the Heck: It’s PeopleTech event on September 6th. At the end of the day we will announce which start-up will become a partner of Rubio and receive a €100.000 investment from our fund.

💸 Elfin

What they do: Elfin is on a mission to empower women to take charge of their financial future. Through their platform the company helps women manage, earn, and invest money to promote financial equality and close the gender wage and wealth gaps. In the platform you can learn through e-courses, workshops & tools and connect with a community of other women and get access to financial advisors. Elfin is a 100% personalized platform where women regardless of their background and status can find help and guidance with their finances.

Who drives this mission: Elfin was founded in 2021 by Puck Landewé and Lieke Danenberg. They joined forces to help women become more financially independent and bring together their experience in digital marketing and IT as well as their knowledge of the target audience to build Elfin.

🩺 Enatom

What they do: Enatom is on a mission to improve the quality of anatomy education and make this more accessible around the world. They are building the platform for anatomy education for tomorrow’s healthcare professionals. Enatom is a virtual dissection room with photorealistic content in which knowledge transfer and testing can take place in an intuitive way at any place and any time. Their vision is to make high quality anatomy education more accessible, also in geographies where there is limited access to education in dissection rooms. 

Who drives this mission: Enatom was founded in 2022 by Stefan Vogelzang (CMO),  Fabian Debats, Bastiaan Hofsteenge (CTO) and Lusanne Tehupuring (CEO). The Enatom team is a mix of passionate people with experience within healthcare, science and technology who are driven to make an impact within anatomy education.

🦸‍♀️ Hero

What they do: Hero empowers citizens around the world to act effectively on climate policy change by funding a stable income for the most effective climate campaigners and policy changers. Through their platform you can support changemakers striving for a cause you support either as an individual or as a company. These changemakers currently do vital work through campaigning for policy change – often unpaid. Creating a platform for them to showcase their work and get financial support to continue this can help accelerate change.

Who drives this mission: Hero was founded in 2022 by Sylvain Ferrière (CEO), Mauricio Porras (CMO) and Mohamed Mnif (CTO). Their mission to support climate campaigners towards a stable income brought them together. The team brings a mix of cultures, experiences and network together which they use to accelerate Hero’s mission.

👨‍👨‍👧 Pulsoar

What they do: Pulsoar is on a mission to empower families and children to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly. Their advanced software analyzes social media while ensuring 100% privacy, providing immediate notifications for potential risks and maintaining parental control. Pulsoar wants to make a transformative impact by reducing online bullying and promoting a safer digital landscape for the 100 million children under 16 years in Europe.

Who drives this mission: Pulsoar was founded in 2023 by Kevin Westermeijer. He has founded multiple businesses and now wants to put his entrepreneurial skills to the task for protecting children and families online.

🔤 Taaly

What they do: Taaly is on a mission to solve the language barrier for newcomers by creating opportunities to practice speaking with locals. They do this through their app, which serves as a marketplace for newcomers to find buddies to speak with. The app provides the platform for online conversations where buddys are provided with feedback and suggestions to improve their conversations. The company targets newcomers like refugees and migrant workers and aims to help them integrate into Dutch culture quicker by accelerating their language skills.

Who drives this mission: Taaly was founded in 2022 by Shadi Alhakimi he is from Yemen and has firsthand experience as a newcomer in the Netherlands. He formed a team with diverse backgrounds, fostering a multicultural and inclusive approach to addressing the language learning needs of newcomers in the Netherlands. 

All are amazing and deserve support & investments! If you are curious who will be part of the Rubio impact portfolio, keep an eye out on our socials next week!