June 20, 2023

Meet the expert panel

🚀 Exciting update on Rubio’s People Power Pitch: meet the expert panel! We are very happy to announce  our expert panel for Rubio’s People Power Pitch on September 6th. The panel will give feedback & advice to participating entrepreneurs looking to boost their mission with €100.000. 

👀 The expert panel is formed by:

✨ We believe each of the experts has a unique perspective to bring and can’t wait to see this coming together on September 6th. 

🔥 You can still apply for Rubio’s People Power Pitch until June 30th! It is open for start-ups in The Netherlands on a mission to empower people to create sustainable livelihoods, champion equal education, equal employment opportunities, or focus on improving health and wellbeing. 

Check out our application page for more information.