June 15, 2023

Investing in Impact podcast

It’s podcast week 🎙️ This time we share with you the great talk our co-founder Machtelt Groothuis had with Grant Trahant on his popular ‘Disruptors for Good’ podcast. A podcast that showcasts changemakers ranging from sustainable fashion to green bonds.

In this episode, Machtelt shares some of the learnings of Rubio’s journey in impact investing. She sheds her light on the strategies and approaches to partnering with amazing entrepreneurs like Wendy Gonzalez, Tessa ClarkeSaasha Celestial-OneSimon BushellGijs Coppens and many more who are truly making a difference.

Machtelt’s experience and passion for impact-driven enterprises make this a great episode for anyone interested in the intersection of business and social change.

🎧 Listen now and join the conversation on impact investing.