December 13, 2021

Rubio’s spotlight on Incision

Did you know that a lack of medical knowledge means that 5 billion people in lower- and middle-income countries, but also in the Western world, are being denied access to safe and affordable surgical care, and 143 million additional operations are needed every year? Incision is on a mission to change these numbers with their surgical knowledge platform.

They story of Incision started in a garagebox and has evolved to a platform, including standardization tools, high-quality video content and OR team-focused services that empowers thousands of medical professionals worldwide to reduce surgical complications.

Impacting 1 million surgical operations every year
Rubio invested in Incision to power boost their roll out. A first step in this acceleration is their recently launched Incision Assist, a surgical Companion App. The App aims to solve one of the biggest challenges in the OR today: having all critical information that surgeons need to perform directly at their fingertips, precisely when they need it. The launch brings their ambition to connect 10.000 clinics and thereby impacting 1 million surgical operations every year even closer.

The Incision journey
Intrigued by their mission? Check out this video of CeO Ritsaart van Montfrans where he explains their journey and pursuit of impact. Listen to their story in the video below