January 26, 2021

Newsflash new investment SkillLab

We are excited to present Rubio’s third investment out of Fund II in SkillLab. SkillLab is a young company based in Amsterdam and has the mission to empower job seekers to turn their skills into careers. The company has developed an AI-powered software solution that links a job seeker’s past experiences to a taxonomy of skills to create a skill profile, which can be used by career counselors to better match job seekers to vacancies.

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has increased awareness and accelerated existing trends in labour markets, such as automation and digitalization. Millions of people will be forced to change careers. Too often, such transitions leave the already vulnerable further behind. SkillLab focuses on helping people who are not able to rely on immaculate CVs and networks. Ulrich Scharf, Co-Founder, and Managing Director points out “While job titles and degrees may not be transferable, recognizing a person’s skills can empower them to find new career directions and promote their value to employers.”

The SkillLab solution is scaling fast, with projects in 15 countries, translated in 27 languages and has received strong support from both job seekers and employment agencies. In 2019, SkillLab’s innovative use of AI to address this urgent social issue was recognized by the Google AI Impact Award.

We are very excited to have the SkillLab team on board. They have impressed us with their product, human-centered approach and strong drive. While the company already operates across four continents, we look forward to further growing their commercial base and making labor markets ready for the future of work.