December 7, 2020

Newsflash new investment Mosa Meat

We are excited to present Rubio’s second investment out of Fund 2 in Mosa Meat. Mosa is a Dutch pioneer in developing a game changing technology: cultivated meat. This is real meat developed from animal cells without the need to slaughter animals and with a dramatically reduced environmental impact.

Meat has a catastrophic effect on the environment, with consumption of beef from cows alone responsible for a staggering 8% of GHG-emissions. The industrialized raising of animals for slaughter has detrimental effects on animal welfare, rising antibiotics use, land use and soil & water contamination. Rubio strongly supports a consumption shift towards less meat and more plant-based alternatives. At the same time we need to tackle the harmful effects of livestock farming today, as meat consumption still continues to grow.

Mosa develops the technology and facilities to produce cultivated meat that is identical to conventionally raised meat. Cultivated meat has a much lower environmental impact with 80-90% less greenhouse gas emissions and 95% less land use, besides the obvious animal welfare benefits. Mosa is focused on beef, the meat type with by far the largest environmental impact, and is fully committed to a non-GMO approach without any ongoing animal inputs.

We believe this world-class, close-knit team has the right mix of scientific, operational and business acumen and is uniquely positioned to bring this to scale. The Mosa team has been working on this technology for over a decade, and co-founders Mark Post and Peter Verstrate created the world’s first cultivated hamburger. The company is led by experienced scale-up CEO Maarten Bosch.

We are investing in Mosa’s Series B led by food impact investor Blue Horizon, which will be used to develop an industrial-sized production line, expand the team, and prepare for large-scale cultivated beef production to dramatically reduce the negative impact of meat consumption.

We can’t wait to bite into a yummy, planet positive burger!