February 19, 2020

Our love for impact, results 2019

In 2019 we saw our portfolio grow and so did our impact!
We welcomed SamasourceSympowerThe Renewal Workshop and OLIO to our portfolio and want to thank them for their trust in us.
Below a snapshot of the social outcomes that our combined portfolio achieved in 2019 as well as the SDG’s we collectively contributed to. More details will be provided in our annual Impact Report 2019, to be released soon.
We realize that these numbers can never describe impact at a personal level,
such as for 24 year old Manta who never went to high school, but found her first formal job as a digital agent at Samasource in Kenya, she told us “Real empowerment is not in books, it is in work.”
It’s the stories behind the numbers that make us love our work: supporting entrepreneurs who make the real change, every day!