We aRe SpinDye

Putting water out of business

We Are SpinDye makes the polyester dyeing process in the apparel industry environmentally friendly by driving the adoption of a sustainable way of dyeing man-made fibers, reducing water used in the dyeing step by 100%, and reducing overall water consumption for fabric production by 70%.

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and the second largest industrial consumer of water. In conventional textile dyeing, large amounts of water are used both in terms of intake of fresh water and disposal of wastewater containing chemicals and dyes. Polyester is the predominant fibre used with >50% volume share, and its share is projected to grow. Over the next 10 years water demand is expected to grow by 40% versus population growth at 10%: 2/3 of the world’s population could be living in areas categorized as water-stressed, which is exacerbated by the release of polluted wastewater.

We are proud to invest in We aRe SpinDye to address this issue. We aRe SpinDye delivers strong sustainability gains through an ingredient brand with a technically innovative color system: a clean, traceable, certified coloring method for textiles. SpinDye is already working with several leading sports and outdoors brands such as Fjallraven and Quiksilver and has deals pending with some of the largest brands in fashion & apparel.

Building commercial traction

“I am thrilled to have Social Impact Ventures on board as new partner. Their solid experience of supporting young businesses, new circular business models and maneuvering in the complex landscape of the textile industry will strengthen us. And most importantly, we all share a passionate belief that the textile industry must change for the better. The investment will give We aRe SpinDye® the resources to invest in growth and sets us on the path of being true change makers in the industry. We are looking forward to working with them”.
– Axel Mörner, angel investor & chairman of We aRe SpinDye®

The team at We aRe SpinDye brings strong industry experience and a clear ambition for a sustainable transformation of the textile industry. We are investing together with The Hague-based Textile Innovation Fund, with Bestbase Group and with Axel Mörner, current lead investor in We aRe Spindye. We are excited to partner with them to drive change.

You can find out more about We aRe SpinDye here.

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