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Let’s eliminate disposable packaging waste

Demand for convenience, to-go and delivery food is growing strongly across the globe. This growth means that disposable packaging is also piling up. We only use the packaging for 30-60 minutes, but we can be stuck with it for 500 years. With their digital and deposit-free reusable packaging service for take-away and delivery meals, the German start-up Vytal is on a mission to eliminate this disposable packaging waste.

Replacing the single-use status quo

By using Vytal’s platform and containers, a restaurant can easily offer reusable packaging to their customers, replacing the single-use status quo. A partner restaurant pays Vytal per transaction, which is cost competitive or cheaper than single-use, keeping the service free for end users. Vytal also measures the eco-impact for all its partners and creates an ecosystem of supermarkets, restaurants, canteens and corporate partners, helping to achieve the necessary convenience level for consumers to make reusables as easy and convenient as single-use.

“We have the potential to export a sustainability-driven business model that aligns economic and ecological incentives for all its participants. We are honored that Rubio joined our journey and look forward to playing our part in improving how we treat our planet, and to making it easier for consumers to behave sustainably”, Dr. Tim Breker, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Vytal.

QR-code and track and trace

For consumers, Vytal is comparable to other sharing services such as e-scooters. Once they have registered in the Vytal app or purchased a Vytal membership card, customers can borrow and return freshly washed bowls. The entire process is handled digitally using the QR code labels on the Vytal Bowls. These end users return their containers to any Vytal partner and only pay a penalty for late returns. Vytal’s proprietary technology enables their partners to efficiently track containers and manage inventory, as each container is linked to either a restaurant or user account.

Global expansion

Germany has decades of experience with reusable packaging, and the Vytal team wants to use this experience to continuously improve its digital reusable packaging system and make it globally scalable. And with a return rate of over 99% and an average rental period of 3 days, Vytal achieves better return rates than the German bottle deposit system. Our investment alongside partners Grazia Equity and IP Group will enable Vytal to continue to develop their product and help more partners to tackle the single-use packaging madness.

“At Rubio, we believe that entrepreneurs can solve the most pressing societal issues of our time. Vytal shows how it’s done. The packaging market is ready for change, and we’re convinced that Vytal’s driven team and scalable technology will replace single-use plastic food packaging at large. We are excited to invest in Vytal alongside strong partners Grazia Equity and IP Group, and look forward to supporting the company on its mission to make reusable packaging the new global standard. Laura Cramer, Investment Director at Rubio Impact Ventures”

Impact Theme

  • Circular Solutions

SDG Alignment

  • #12 Responsible Consumption and Production