The Social Medwork

A universal healthcare platform that puts patients first

The mission of TheSocialMedwork is to create better health and wellbeing for everyone — regardless of where they live. They provide global access to newly approved medicines which are otherwise not available to patients.

There is currently no global, harmonized system for approval of medicines and this leads to delays that cause needless suffering and deaths. Delays are largely due to bureaucracy and extensive administration needed by big pharma companies. TheSocialMedwork actively works to bridge the gap between approval and availability for patients, doctors and hospitals who need it most, primarily for life-threatening and debilitating illnesses. In addition to global accessibility, TheSocialMedwork has a strong focus on improving the affordability of highly priced medicines.

Their network extends to more than 60 countries. As a licensed medicines intermediary, TheSocialMedwork provides a unique service, with a 100% quality rating from doctors and patients who actively use the service. The company was founded by a deeply committed and experienced team in the field of tech and healthcare; Sjaak Vink (co-founder of MyTomorrows), Jamie Heywood (co-founder of PatientsLikeMe), and Bernard Muller (co-founder of Treeway and Project MINe).

Reaching patients worldwide

The growth capital provided by Social IV will support TheSocialMedwork to scale their platform and expand their reach to more patients worldwide, tracking both patient awareness, access to medicines and affordability as impact indicators. This is closely aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals #3: to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for people all at all ages.

“Social IV has a distinctive edge on other investors: they focus on solutions for societal challenges that also create healthy returns. All stakeholders share the same idea of what impact and success looks like from the start, which is what makes this partnership a perfect alignment for us”.
– Sjaak Vink, founder.

TheSocialMedwork’s vision is to create a universal health platform where the latest treatments are available to all people of all backgrounds. TheSocialMedwork is founded in the belief that equality can only be achieved in a world where every person has access to the best possible health.

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Impact Theme

  • Healthy Systems

SDG Alignment

  • #3 Good health and well-being