Healthy and sustainable food chains that benefit everyone

Marqt is a leading Dutch supermarket chain when it comes to healthy and sustainable food. Sometimes referred to as the Wholefoods of Holland, Marqt has led the charge to offer great quality, healthy food and pay decent prices to suppliers operating with respect for animals, nature and people.

In addition, Marqt has introduced the marqtwerking principle which rewards all stakeholders for helping build a healthy food supply chain. This offers a powerful alternative to the typical race to the bottom in the food industry where low prices, the urge for cost savings and relentless shareholder value negatively affect climate, nature, animals and people.

Since its inception in 2008, Marqt has grown to over 15 stores, and expanded with fresh capital provided by Social IV and Triodos Organic Growth Fund.

Stimulating systemic change

Responsible Exit

In 2019 shareholders of Marqt agreed to combine forces with Udea, the leading Dutch wholesaler, retailer, brand owner of organic food products and stores. This step reinforces the combination’s leading position as an organic and sustainable retailer and wholesaler in the Benelux. Together, the companies aim to expand their activities and strengthen their impact and brands. Marqt had been actively looking for a strategic partner for future cooperation.

This strategic step means a responsible exit for Social Impact Ventures, as we sold with positive result while safeguarding Marqt’s mission and vision and potentially accelerating its impact.

Read more about marqt here.

Impact Theme

  • People Power

  • Healthy Systems

SDG Alignment

  • #8 Decent work and economic growth

  • #12 Responsible consumption and production