Accelerating the process of human learning

The latest addition to Rubio’s ‘Champions of Change’ is the Estonian EdTech start-up Lingvist. This ambitious venture has developed an adaptive language learning platform that enables people to learn dramatically faster more efficiently through highly personalized learning.

13 languages
The Lingvist technology has been developed by top scientists, engineers and language experts, combining the latest research in natural language processing, neuroscience and machine learning with personalized language courses. To support users from all over the world, the Lingvist app is now available in 13 languages: American and British English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, European and Brazilian Portuguese, Estonian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Hindi.

A human learning gamechanger

Catalyzing socio-economic advancements

Lingvist aims to accelerate the process of human learning, including through language learning. This will ultimately catalyze significant socio-economic, cognitive and scientific advancements, helping people work towards meaningful life objectives such as improved opportunities in employment and education, and overall personal development. The company’s technology allows to automatically add smaller languages, which are often underserved by traditional language educators.

A human learning gamechanger

At Rubio, we believe that Lingvist epitomizes how the determination of one person (founder & CEO of Lingvist Mait Müntel, CERN alumnus and nuclear physicist) can change the process of human learning around the globe.The technology currently works for languages, but Lingvist’s long-term goal is to apply the technology to power any field of education. With our investment, we want to radically speed up the process of human learning.

If you’d like to find out more about how the Lingvist technology enables people to learn dramatically more efficient using AI, check out their website. And most importantly, download the app now to build your vocabulary and start improving your language skills.

Quote: “At Lingvist, we have been striving to make language learning more efficient through the medium of technology. We hope that the availability of our tools can support the continuation of learning in new formats and facilitate the connection of virtual communities. This funding will enable us to bring a separate scientific research team on board, to experiment with radical new ideas and bring them into production, and allows us to scale up our language learning application to many more languages and bring it to users in more markets. Rubio’s impact and investment process is very clearly articulated and well executed, and the experience in helping entrepreneurs scale is a perfect fit for Lingvist”, Mait Müntel, founder of Lingvist.

Impact Theme

  • People Power

SDG Alignment

  • #4 Quality education