High impact climate action made simple

Changing laws and regulations is crucial to meeting our climate goals: research shows that funding climate mobilizers – the term used for climate experts, activists and campaigners working to change climate policy – can be 100 times more effective to reducing carbon emissions than carbon credits. 

The Amsterdam-based startup HERO is on a mission to accelerate policy changes by empowering climate mobilizers worldwide.  Via their platform individuals and companies can invest in a steady income for climate mobilizers. This is a crucial element as many of these mobilizers do not have the financial stability to focus on this work. The HERO platform connects individuals and companies with mobilisers making it possible for everyone to support specific mobilisers fighting for change on issues close to their heart.

Support a Circle

Through their subscription model, Hero found a unique way to achieve a large-scale impact on the climate crisis. Currently, supporters can contribute to circles who strive for ocean protection, nature restoration, improving indigenous rights, sustainable fashion and renewable energy solutions in the EU, LATAM, MENA or the UK.  As Hero grows, they want to add more issues and verticals. 

Sylvain Ferrière, co-founder of Hero, said, “Many of these individuals dedicate their time to initiating change, but are often not recognized or financially compensated for their efforts and risk falling into burnout as a result. Hero seeks a solution by providing them with a stable income so they can focus exclusively on their advocacy work.”

Winner of Rubio’s People Power Pitch

Hero’s mission, innovative impact and the entrepreneurial drive in the team led us to select them as winner of Rubio’s People Power Pitch in September 2023. We are enthusiastic about Hero’s future because we love the customized interaction between mobilizers and supporters, the direct and transparent allocation of funding to mobilizers, and, most importantly; the meaningful impact it can create.

Want to find out more about HERO? Visit their website.

Impact Theme

  • People Power

SDG Alignment

  • #13 Climate action

  • #17 Partnerships for the goals