HealthSage AI

HealthSage AI is dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery and patient pathways by harnessing the power of generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), and by collaborating with healthcare partners and innovators. HealthSage AI created a vertical end-to-end platform for open-source AI development in healthcare and is founded on the principles of: Always Open, Always Responsible, and Always Safe.

The potential of AI in the health industry

In the EU, healthcare costs exceed €1.2 trillion annually, with €90 billion attributed to administrative expenses. Healthcare professionals spend 8.7 hours per week (more than 1 workday a week!) on administrative tasks, while crucial medical knowledge remains buried in unstructured data. However, with the rise of AI, particularly Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI, significant improvements in patient outcomes and overall care quality are anticipated. AI has the potential to streamline administrative processes, unlock valuable insights from data, and revolutionize healthcare practices, leading to a more efficient and patient-centric approach.

Transform healthcare delivery

Providing an open, secure, and regulatory-compliant platform, HealthSage offers the healthcare industry a trusted and transparent foundation for numerous AI applications. For example, applications that create problem lists, offering healthcare professionals a concise overview of a patient’s health issues. Or AI-solutions that simplify administrative duties, such as the creation of discharge letters. Additionally, applications that support clinical decision-making, helping healthcare professionals to deliver the best care by automatically leveraging structured data. And last, but not least: applications that has the capability to transform complex clinical notes into language that is easily understandable for patients, enhancing clarity in communication.

The perfect combination of entrepreneurship, technology and health knowledge 

HealthSage AI is founded by Harm-Jan Wessels (CEO) and Marcel Alberti (COO). Harm-Jan is a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare and software industry. He has built two international businesses acquired by General Electric (Applicare) and Philips (Forcare). Marcel is an expert in digital transformation. 

Focus on what matters most

At Rubio we believe the HealthSage AI-team, complemented by a strong medical advisory board, has the potential to transform global healthcare delivery and patient journeys through their platform, hosting safe and compliant solutions co-developed with healthcare partners. By using AI, we can help healthcare professionals to move away from countless hours of information chasing and clerical tasks, so they can focus on what matters most: patient care

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