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GoodUp is the European leader in employee engagement platforms for companies. GoodUp’s technology powers platforms so people with great ideas get connected with people who want to benefit from their time, funds and skills to do good. 

Both parties meet and make ideas reality to reach the company’s do good ambition. GoodUp enables everyone to make positive change according to their personal interests and higher objectives in life.


GoodUp is the parent organization of 1%Club, a well known Dutch crowdfunding and -sourcing platform for consumers. 1%Club has experience in crowdfunding and – sourcing for almost a decade. GoodUp was launched as a Software as a Service company to provide their technology to companies to engage more people into making positive impact.

Read the entire story in the Founders’ Letter of GoodUp.

Scaling across Europe

“Social Impact Ventures helps us to reach our ambition to positively influence the lives of 1 billion people. With this partnership we can speed up the development of our Do Good platforms, further enhance the customer experience, and activate massive amounts of people to realize thousands of Do Good projects.”
– Anna Chojnacka, co-founder of GoodUp

GoodUp has enabled, Deloitte, Accenture, DLL, Rabobank, Shell, and many other companies to empower over 1 million people to achieve do-good projects; over 1,000 of the projects have been realized already.

GoodUp’s technology is used by Voor Je Buurt as well, an organization that runs local crowdfunding- and sourcing platforms. Impact networks like The Next Economy, and Innovating Justice also use GoodUp’s technology.

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