21st century skills for every child

Bomberbot is an innovative education technology company with a strong impact drive. Their mission is to empower primary school kids around the world with basic computational thinking skills and knowledge of computer programming concepts in a fun and accessible way. Its stellar product and active teacher-support system sets them apart from the crowd.

Bomberbot’s international team has specifically focused on making its program easy to use for all teachers. Teachers and schools love the idea of helping children develop 21st century skills and digital literacy and appreciate Bomberbot’s pre-lesson tutorials and rapid support service.

Building the digital skill curriculum

“Technology influences our lives at a scale never seen before and digital education needs to be available to everyone, it is our mission is to provide as many children as possible with an understanding of the enormous opportunities of digitalization and technology!”
– Cristian Bello, founder Bomberbot

The investment and support from Social IV is aimed at further product development and improved teacher support while growing the program internationally. With the investment SIV & Bomberbot aim to reach over 1 million primary school children and increase their computational thinking skills and self-efficacy. Special focus will be paid on children with lowest social economic background.

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Impact Theme

  • People Power

SDG Alignment

  • #4 Quality education