Empowering the next generation of farmers

Sharing and applying data-based knowledge to enable growers around the world to produce more, with less resources. In a nutshell, that’s what the latest addition to our ‘Champions of Change’ is all about. 30MHz is an ambitious venture that is setting the standard for the next generation of horticultural entrepreneurs.

Connecting people, plants and technology
With their data platform and plug and play climate data hardware, 30MHz raises the bar for sustainable and data-based agriculture worldwide. From cultivation to harvest, and from packaging to shipping. Participating farmers exchange their knowledge, experiences and strategies, introducing each other to new opportunities and allowing them to effectively tackle threats. By accelerating the use of data in farming practices, 30MHz is creating a more sustainable and future-proof food system. 

Besides offering access to its cloud-based data insight platform, 30MHz also sells affordable plug & play climate data hardware and sensors to mid- and low-tech clients, allowing them to benefit from previously inaccessible technology and improve their farming practices. These sensors are sourced and developed in collaboration with agronomists, and tested by the leading research institutions Wageningen University and Proeftuin Zwaagdijk.

Sustainable and future-proof food system
Put simply: 30MHz is empowering the next generation of horticultural entrepreneurs. The independence of the platform, with the option for the grower to share its data with its knowledge partners, fills a gap in the market. The price level of the system allows growers with different tech budgets to gain data driven insights,  and democratizes knowledge, ultimately creating a more sustainable and future-proof food system. With serial entrepreneur Sytse Zuidema at the helm, the strong and impact-driven 30MHz team will use our investment to accelerate the global adoption of data-based farming.

If you’d like to find out more about 30MHz, check out their website!  

Timo Spruijt, CCO of 30MHz: “Our focus is on facilitating a high-quality infrastructure. Our strength lies in the reliability of the data and its continuity. After all, our customers use our data to increase their yield at crop and product level, limit their losses, optimize irrigation, improve storage, prevent disease risks and reduce their energy consumption. This investment proves how important our role is in this process”.

Impact Theme

  • Circular Solutions

SDG Alignment

  • #2 Zero hunger