June 6, 2024

💸 Investment News 💸 Prêts

Investment news!! 💰💰 Currently, more than 85% of sustainable home renovations are funded through cash savings, leaving the 40% of homeowners without sufficient savings out in the cold. At Rubio, we believe that making the energy transition accessible for everyone is key to enabling a Just Transition, and we consider our latest investment, Prêts, to be the missing piece here. 🧩

Prêts has developed a return on investment calculator and independent financing platform for sustainable home renovations. Their tool resides inside energy retailers’ websites and apps, focusing on demonstrating the potential returns and cash savings from investing in sustainable home renovations, personalized to a home’s specific energy usage patterns and family budget. It then assists the customer in identifying the right way to finance these investments and streamlining the overall application process.

In short: Prêts is connecting the dots between energy conservation and eco-friendly home investments, simplifying the journey towards energy efficiency for homeowners and making it accessible to all.  🙌

Prêts was founded by serial entrepreneur Eugène Lubbers and Gerard van Swieten, with Peer Fisser as late joiner. The team has been rapidly developing both the product and partnerships and are expecting to launch an MVP with their first Dutch energy provider in the coming weeks.

We look forward to working with them and co-investors INH, Rockstart, and several highly relevant angels across the energy, fintech, and real estate world.

Curious to learn more about Prêts? Visit their website or check or their portfolio page.