April 16, 2024

💸 Investment News 💸: HealthSage AI

Vast amounts of vital healthcare knowledge are trapped in unstructured clinical notes and data, and can’t be properly accessed and processed by healthcare information systems. That is why our latest investment HealthSage AI created an open source generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform with the potential to become the doctor’s “co-pilot”. 

Transforming healthcare delivery and patient pathways
By harnessing the power of AI, and by collaborating with healthcare partners and innovators, HealthSage is dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery and patient pathways. The open source approach enables collaboration, innovation and much-needed acceleration towards a safe, effective and affordable healthcare system for all. The platform already offers a foundation for numerous AI applications. For example, applications that aggregate a patient’s information, providing doctors and nurses a concise and actionable overview of a patient’s health issues. Or AI-solutions that simplify administrative duties, and applications that support clinical decision-making, helping healthcare professionals to deliver the best care by automatically leveraging structured data.

A perfect combination of entrepreneurship, technology and health knowledge 
The company is founded by serial entrepreneur in the healthcare and software industry Harm-Jan Wessels (CEO) and Marcel Alberti (COO) who is an expert in digital transformation. At Rubio we believe this team, complemented by a strong medical advisory board, has the entrepreneurial, technology and health as well as regulatory experience to scale HealthSage successfully. 

For this investment we worked closely with Peak Capital and Healthy Capital as well as serial health tech entrepreneurs Jaap Maljers and Jeroen Tas. The investment enables HealthSage AI to grow the team, commercialize its offerings and accelerate the contributions by the open source community.

Want to find out more about HealthSage AI? Check out their portfolio page: https://www.rubio.vc/portfolio/healthsage-ai/