February 8, 2024

Bye bye CFO, welcome CVO! 👋

2024 has begun and that means the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) has come into force. Listed companies and large SMEs are now required to report on their sustainability policies and performance.

In a new (Dutch) column for De Ondernemer, our partner Willemijn Verloop shares her vision and explains why the time has come for every company to take responsibility and include social impact as a common thread in its strategy, business model and reporting.

And why a CVO (Chief Value Officers) should replace the traditional CFO. The role of the Chief Value Officer is to ensure that all relevant aspects of value creation and destruction are accounted for and communicated to boards, management and external stakeholders. To do this, CFOs will need to change their mindset from pure financial and shareholder driven to one of comprehensive value creation and protection.

A CVO is key for meeting society’s demand of integrating impact in the heart of businesses, a CVO can provide the basis for the organization to measure, report and, most importantly, steer on impact. In this way, we work towards an impact economy in which work, innovation and entrepreneurship truly contribute towards resolving our societal issues.

You can read the (Dutch) column here.