January 16, 2024

8 million funding round for Taylor 💰💰💰

We are happy to share the latest milestone of our portfolio company Taylor.: a €8 million funding round led by Pensioenfonds ABP with Rubio and Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM) joining as existing investors.

We have been part of Taylor’s journey since our seed investment in 2021 and are excited to continue supporting the company in this next stage of growth. This investment will enable the Taylor team to further develop their technology and accelerate the transition to solar energy across Europe. First up Belgium and France, then on towards Germany.

Big compliments to Michiel RoelofsRein Westerdijk who have built this company from the ground up in a super smart business model but most of all: have executed resiliently. Congratulations for reaching this new milestone! 🚀

Like to find out more about how Taylor gets more power out of your solar panel for less money? Check out our website.