September 7, 2023

🥁 And the investment from Rubio’s People Power Pitch goes to: HERO! 🥁

Yesterday more than 120+ PeopleTech enthusiasts came together at Kanteen25 and  listened to five amazing impact pitches. Sylvain Ferrière, Mauricio Porras, Mohammed Mnif from HERO were selected to become partner of Rubio and receive a €100.000 investment to scale their mission.

From left to right: Ilonka Jankovich (Rubio), Mohamed Mnif (HERO), Mauricio Porras (HERO) Sylvain Franc de Ferrière (HERO), Ata Şenkon (Rubio) and Eline de Haan (Rubio).

Hero is on a mission to empower people to accelerate change in the world through their platform that gives citizens and companies the chance to directly fund, support and connect with climate mobilizers – activists and advocates around the world. Many of these climate mobilizers devote their time to instigating change, but are often not recognized nor financially compensated for their efforts and are at risk of burnout as a result. HERO wants to empower the next 10,000 climate campaigners with a stable monthly income, paving their way from local action to global impact.

“The HERO team stood out for Rubio in this first edition of Rubio’s People Power Pitch. HERO aims for  a potential systemic change in how we empower activists from around the world to impact policy for a better climate. They have an innovative,  commercial,  scalable approach and we are excited to support them in their growth ambitions – this is just the start” Ilonka Jankovich, Partner leading the People Power team at Rubio.

We would like to thank all the great startups who sent in their growth plans for this event and a big shout out to the amazing impact entrepreneurs who were selected to present at the event: Lieke van der Veen – Danenberg from Elfin. Lusanne Tehupuring from Enatom. Kevin Westermeijer from Pulsoar and Shadi Alhakimi from Taaly. You guys rock!

Last, but not least a thank you to our expert panel members for their support, sharp questions and feedback Constantijn Van Oranje-NassauMarijn PijnenborgRonald BekkerFloris Dorgelo and Willemijn Verloop.  “I believe that HERO has the potential to help and support the next 10,000 Greta Thunbergs we desperately need.” says Floris Dorgelo.