June 6, 2023

Rubio’s Impact Report 2022

We are happy to present our impact results for the year 2022. In this report we report on the impact achievements of our portfolio companies and at fund level, and give you insight in our impact measurement & management (IMM) methodology.

We believe the most valuable companies of our time are the ones solving humanity’s biggest challenges. We partner with the best entrepreneurs who balance true impact with strong business results that can scale. This report is really their achievement, so a BIG thank you to all the amazing entrepreneurs we work with! 

Entrepreneurs like Fabian and Tim from Vytal, who eliminate single-use packaging waste at scale,  or Gijs and his team, who make mental health accessible to all with OpenUp. Please find more inspiring cases of world-changing entrepreneurs here

We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions or questions about the report. We will read and reply to every reaction!

Happy reading!