May 11, 2023

💸 Investment News 💸: RABLE

Do you know half of the commercial and industrial roofs in the Netherlands are too weak for solar panels? To give you an idea: that is tens of thousands of soccer fields of surface area that remain unused for solar energy. But that problem will soon be solved by our newest investment: RABLE. 

RABLE has developed and patented a prefabricated, folding mounting mechanism for solar panels enabling “weak roofs” which cannot handle the extra weight of the traditional solar systems to be covered with solar panels. The system carries its own weight and that of the panels. It can therefore be applied directly to these weak roofs, without requiring structural renovation and investment.

Together with regional investment Energietransitiefonds Rotterdam (through Innovation Quarter) we are investing in RABLE to set up their production and enter the market with their system and by doing so unlocking the solar energy potential of all roofs.

Want to find out more about RABLE? Watch the video or visit their website