February 16, 2023

Profile: Rubio’s Willemijn Verloop on backing ‘champions of change’

Willemijn, co-founder of Rubio, shared her vision of impact investing with Impact Investor, an impact and responsible finance news channel. 

In this interview Willemijn explains why Rubio’s approach to impact investing centers around systemic change, identifying and backing “champions of change” on the premise that the most valuable companies of our time will be those providing solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges. She also shares the story behind our impact validation process which is unique in Europe.

💬 “We have not come across any other funds taking validation as seriously as we do. Ours is a two-step process: our external impact advisory board validates pre-deal, and our LP committee validates both impact targets and ongoing impact performance post-deal, and links it to our carry which is 100% linked to impact targets.” 

Read the full article here: https://impact-investor.com/profile-rubios-willemijn-verloop-on-backing-champions-of-change/