February 14, 2023

Our ❤️ for impact in numbers and stories

Each year on Valentine’s Day we share our ❤️ for impact by showing you the collective impact performance of our portfolio. On this special, interactive website you can see the impressive impact that the impact driven entrepreneurs in our portfolio have had on society last year.

Please bear in mind: all the numbers we present actually represent tangible impact on our planet and on individual people. People such as Nadiah, a 45-year-old single mother of three, who was experiencing severe stress symptoms. Nadiah didn’t go to the GP or mental health services; it was difficult enough to combine family with work. But when Nadiah’s employer allowed everyone to use the Open Up platform, she decided to reach out. Through the platform Nadiah booked a consultation, and within minutes she was assigned to a suitable psychologist who gave her the support she urgently needed. It’s stories like these that make the numbers come to life and make us love our work, supporting entrepreneurs who make a real change for people and the planet, every day. 

If you would like to learn more about our collective impact in 2022 just open this link ⬇️


Thank you for your support, we wish you all lots of love and impact!