November 10, 2022

What The Heck, It’s ClimateTech!

On November 3th we hosted the first edition of our event: What The Heck, It’s ClimateTech! It was an exciting experience to bring together more than 120 startups, investors, experts and executives within the ClimateTech ecosystem. 
For those who couldn’t be there, here’s the recap:
💻 The breadth of ClimateTech is hard to understate. Every company that spoke on Thursday tackled a different part of the challenge in their own way. As a generalist fund, we’re so happy to bring these different perspectives together.
🤝 The event confirmed once again that we need each other to accelerate positive
change. Money is needed in every shape and form along the way, and we need
great entrepreneurs to spend it.
💚 Key to making all of the above happen is belief. Belief in a better future, and belief that we can make it happen.
Thank you…
Roebyem Anders from Sungevity for telling about your trip on the Solarcoaster. It was truly inspirational.
Skoon EnergyRIFTLightyearEvrekaBattolyser Systemstaylor.DeWarmte en Relement for your amazing pitches.
Julia PadbergLijs GroenendaalShahnaz KhanMathieu GoudotArieke BoersenYvette GoBeatrice B. and Alfred Lam for sharing your insights and expertise on the panels.
Zeeger Scholten from Fenix Leadership for the workshop on “The impact of knowing yourself on leadership”.
Tessie HartjesChantal SchrijverElisabeth Storm de Grave – Huyssen van KattendijkeDiana RucinschiReinier van der Vusse and Alex Boers for the workshop on “Scale the unscalable – the role of equity and debt in scaling climate innovations”.
Jakop Dalunde from the European Parliament, for reminding us to speak up for better legislation.
THNK School of Creative Leadership for providing us with their space and Freshtable for the amazing catering.
WaterBear Network, for providing our guests with access to your streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet.
And last, but not least a big shout out to our Rubio Team that made it all happen: Helmer SchukkenLaura CramerKirstin ValkonetTijl HoefnagelsAva Van VlietEdward van der Hout, and Djoeke Siemssen.