November 16, 2021

💸 Investment News 💸: 30MHZ

Here in the Netherlands, we’re used to seeing greenhouses scattered about the landscape. But did you know that protected agriculture is gaining traction worldwide, driven by the consequences of climate change?

30MHz, the latest addition to Rubio’s ‘Champions of Change’, is helping farmers all around the world to use valuable insights from farming data to optimize their growing practices. And what’s more: the farmers don’t even require any technical expertise! Participating farmers exchange their knowledge, experiences and strategies, introducing each other to new opportunities and allowing them to effectively tackle threats. Or as Timo Spruijt, 30MHz’ CCO puts it: “We help our clients worldwide to produce more, with less”. And that’s exactly what we love about 30MHz.

Put simply: 30MHz is empowering the next generation of horticultural entrepreneurs. With serial entrepreneur Sytse Zuidema at the helm, the 30MHz team is strong and impact driven. And with our investment, they will accelerate the global adoption of data-based farming.

Ready to find out more about how 30MHz is waging war on data silos in the horticultural and agricultural sectors? Check out their company page on our website.