September 14, 2021

💸 Investment News 💸: Litterati

We are excited to present the latest addition to Rubio’s ‘Champions of Change’: Litterati, an ambitious venture that aims to create systemic change to reduce the amount of waste escaping into the environment all around the globe.

Secret weapon
Litterati has developed a (free) app that encourages people to collect and tag litter and share their efforts with millions of like-minded individuals around the world. But the app does so much more than simply encourage people to tidy up. Delve beyond the profile pics, photo galleries and cheery campaigns announcing neighborhood clean-up plans, and you’ll find a secret weapon: crowdsourced data. Litterati’s Global Litter Database has been used to successfully inform government policy and to influence changes leading to greener packaging. For example, San Francisco leverages the Litterati database for a $4 million tobacco tax, and Dutch company ANTA flu switched from plastic to paper wrappers based on Litterati data.

Traction all over the world
Armed with data, determination and an engaged community, we believe that Litterati has the power to impact change. They already tagged 13 million pieces of litter, adding nearly 1M in just the last thirty days. There is traction all over the world. Our Rubio investment will enable the Litterati team to continue to develop their product and help more organizations to tackle the global litter problem.

Join us!
If you’d like to find out more about the transformational change being driven by Litterati, visit their company page on our website. And most importantly, we hope that all of you download the app and start tagging litter together with us. We’ve got a planet to clean!