July 12, 2021

Sama Validates Its Ethical AI Supply Chain Through an RTC With MIT!

Our portfolio company Sama creates opportunities for young people (of whom more than 50% women!) in the upcoming African tech industry. This amazing female founded & led techventure is a leading player in the rapidly growing AI field and has been creating significant impact for years and now validates its impact with an RTC (‘gold standard’). Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) finalized the 3-year randomized controlled trial (RCT) study. The report shows that Sama has lifted more than 55,000 people out of poverty, and many more interesting results, f.e. young women in the Sama workforce have grown most in terms of income.

Sama’s transparency, impact drive and evaluation methodology are a great example of ethical leadership. And the company is growing rapidly on all fronts. Sama proves that impact-driven scalable business models are a flywheel, and true champions of change!

Read the interview with Sama’s CEO Wendy Gonzalez in Forbes