April 3, 2020

Social IV invests in VanderSat

Fighting the global food and water crises with satellites

With all the disturbing developments due to the Corona-virus, we are very happy to present some positive news; our recent investment in Dutch technology company VanderSat.
This company can accurately measure the location and amount of water in the soil anywhere in the world. Due to climate change and the rapidly growing world population, this information is crucial in fighting the global food and water crisis. VanderSat’s unique satellite technology and expert team provide an essential and scalable solution to increase the financial stability of millions of smallholder farmers worldwide and help increase the world’s food security. Currently, VanderSat’s data is used for more than 100 million hectares of agricultural land worldwide and the latest investment round will support their continued growth.
The current crisis makes us, as impact investors, even more determined to continue supporting and investing in companies that provide commercial and scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. VanderSat is a textbook example of such company.