October 5, 2018

Social IV invests in TheSocialMedwork

TheSocialMedwork (TSM) helps patients with life threatening and seriously debilitating diseases to find and access the latest medication at the lowest possible price.

Currently, patients in many parts of the world are not aware of, or unable to access the latest treatments which are already available in other countries. Moreover, the pharma market is intransparent and pricing is out of control. By investing EUR1.5 million growthcapital in TSM we aim to solve these challenges with an innovative and scalable business model.

Amsterdam-based TSM identifies medications that are newly approved in advanced markets (USA, EU, Japan) and offers these to people worldwide. TSM aims to inform patients, their loved ones and doctors about the latest health management options and provides them with access at an affordable price. To date TSM has delivered medicines to patients in over 70 countires. TheSocialMedwork is unique in its patient centricity. Its relentless search for new treatments and its consistent pursuit of lowering prices, while scaling its e-commerce platform for global coverage.

From the Social IV team, Willemijn will join the TSM board together with newly appointed TSM Board Chair Neelie Kroes.

Willemijn Verloop; “ At TheSocialMedwork, we found a deeply committed and impact-driven founder with a strong intrernational team, many of whom have experienced first-hand from family and friends with life-threatening diseases such as ALS and cancer, how every second counts. Especially in the final phases of their treatment processes, where life is literally too short, TheSocialMedwork gives hope and empowerment to those in desperate need of it. TheSocialMedwork has the potential and the ambition to drive systemic change in the pharma industry. We are extremely excited to partner with them on their journey”.

Neelie Kroes, former EU commissioner, minister, and of StartupDelta joined TSM because she believesthe healthcare sector has lost sight of the people it serves. “TheSocialMedwork is solving an understated problem, one which was consistently recognised by the EU Council: the unacceptable gap in the availability of medicines.”

If you would like to learn more about the work of TheSocialMedwork click here.

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